About Humblug

Three times a week pictures that are worth a lot of words nobody should use.  Drawn from life as is all my work.

About Arnold Roth

Inveterate freelance cartoonist Arnold Roth’s work has appeared in The New Yorker, Punch, Time, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, The New York Times, TV Guide, in syndication (Poor Arnold’s Almanac), the Washington Post, Fortune, Holiday, The Nation, City Journal, The Progressive, Life, Smithsonian, Ameryka, Wall Street Journal, The Deal, Humbug, Trump, The Journal for Blacks in Higher Education, New York, Saturday Evening Post, Look, Philadelphia Inquirer, London Observer, Audubon, Field and Stream, Los Angeles Times, Golf, Reader’s Digest, Rolling Stone, Philadelphia, Inside Sports, Chicago, Travel and Leisure, Outdoors, etc., etc….
He has written and illustrated four books and illustrated dozens more to the delight of his
immediate family.
And he’s not even tired.


16 Responses to About

  1. Buddy Valentine says:


  2. Spike Bardowski says:

    If Bo “Bud” Grace thinks you are funny, I have no choice but to accept his judgement, for he knows how to make a nuclear weapon.


  3. Jurgen wolff says:

    hooray! delighted to see your superb work online!

  4. Judith Thomson says:

    Arnie, divine. I miss you both, and this web site will help!
    At least I can keep up with your humor… but where is the music?

  5. signe wilkinson says:

    Come make fun of us in Philadelphia.

  6. Bob Fingerman says:

    Arnold! How wonderful that you’ve started a blog thingy. I am always thrilled to see your work and now there’s a Rothian oasis on the web.

  7. Terry says:

    Humblug! What a great discovery! I shared it with Rob…this may be the tipping point to get him to buy a computer. We’ll see.

  8. John Pope says:

    Does this make you a blugger?

  9. Navid says:

    Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thkans for he answer.

  10. norman knee says:

    Arnold: you were missed at the 186 get together, but we knew you were there in spirit. I am so glad that I have gotten to see this blug and will follow it faithfully. I greatly appreciated you in high school and continue to do so now. Be well and don’t stop for a minute with the drawing and humor. Hair Hair, and more hair.


  11. joan kron says:

    arnold, nice to have you available to distract me from my work. how about a few observations on plastic surgery. your fan

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