From the monthly archives: August 2012

The Artist suggests that Pepperonis don’t grow on trees. The Webmaster sincerely hopes her vegan family and friends will be very busy enjoying the Labor Day Weekend.

The Artist appreciates the Problems of these last languorous weeks of Summer. The Webmaster finds Comfort in Three Little Words: “Back To School”.

As the Tennis World turns its eyes to New York, The Artist gets it a bit wrong with Grass, but The Webmaster does not sense Feet of Clay.

The Artist suggests that we Do Not Forget our Pirates. The Webmaster is Remembering.

Good luck to you Golfers out there from The Artist and The Webmaster. We will be Roughing it on the verandah with Martinis in hand.

The Artist wants you to believe that you can learn this in Economics 101, but The Webmaster thinks Comparative Religions 101 might work for the Young.

While the Eyes of the World are turned to Great Briton, The Artist suggests a diversion, and The Webmaster agrees.

Global Warming, folks. We are all in this together.

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