From the monthly archives: January 2012

The Webmaster is speechless!

The Artist has produced another Animal Rights cartoon. The Webmaster considers this one of his top ten subjects. Enjoy!

Rebellious innovation is applauded by The Artist. The Webmaster believes it may be walking to a different drummer.

The Artist illustrates the, until now, Connection between Sports and Money. Who knew?

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Does the cartoon that SAVES THE WORLD.

The Webmaster bids goodbye to DOWNTOWN and presents Exemplars of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

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This is the last comment The Artist made on the introduction of the smaller more environment friendly automobile. For more car humor you will have to await the Superbowl Sunday commercials.

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In an amazing coincidence, it was announced today, Jan 9, 2012, that Cadillac is bringing out a COMPACT CAR! The Artist modestly denies influencing this design decision.

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Small cars for all their efficiency still pose a few problems on the road.

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The Artist was beginning to worry about pollution EVEN THEN!

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