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Franklin_subcanoes_rembrandt_baseball-3The All Star Game Reminds The Artist That Baseball Is Eclipsing Soccer in the Public Mind. As You May Observe, The Pitcher is Delirious at the Turn of Events on the Field. The Webmaster Shares the Joy Re the End of Soccer.

endmarketanimalritesbicycling-4On the Bicycle Journey of Life, The Artist and The Webmaster Observe That Both the Ups and the Downs Require Careful Management.

prek,spring,higher,freetonsorial-1The Artist Takes Up the Cause of Excellence in Mathematics in Technical Fields. The Webmaster Laments the Lengthening of the Pants in the Basketball Uniform.

winteramimalarchiwantuThe Artist Addresses Security Issues in Sochi. Animal Rightists Alarmed.

football_live-alone-Harry-1The Webmaster Objects to the Artist’s Depiction of the Insolent Interference of Football into Cultural, Educational and Entertainment Realms.

hownow,golf,ecological,absolute,relativity-1The Artist takes us to the Peace and Beauty of the Links, Where The Webmaster is Happily Enjoying the 19th Hole.

humblug-animalbaseballThe Artist and The Webmaster are Happy and Extend Warm Greetings of the (Baseball) Season.

humblugAbequalSelfDefFracking-2The Webmaster Stands in Awe of The Artists Wide-ranging Grasp of Sustainability and Stimulus to the Economy.

humblugAbequalSelfDefFrackingThe Artist Presses Ever Forward in the Quest for Absolute Equality. The Webmaster is still Concentrating on Pitchers and Catchers, but Digging the Fishnets.

The Artist addresses The World of Sports in its Many Guises. The Webmaster has decided to count the days ’til Pitchers and Catchers.