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endmarketanimalritesbicycling-2The Artist Obscures the Object of the Stare. The Webmaster Warily Suspects That Dog is Looking at His Days. Both are Cheered by the Presence of Print on Paper.


prek,spring,higher,freetonsorialThe Early Heatwave Has Inspired The Artist (Once Again) to Point Out the Unfair Advantage Our Four Footed Friends Hold Over We Bipeds. The Webmaster Is Content to Sweat it Out.

winteramimalarchiwantu-3With the Olympics Over, The Artist Foresees Trouble in the Parlor. The Webmaster Wants More Ice Dancing.

Artists_Manny_AnRights_LogarithmsWhile The Artist Depicts “Free Lunch”,  The Webmaster Suggests that  “Affordable Lunch”  May Be an Humanitarian Alternative.

therighttobeararmsdentistipresume-2The Artist and The Webmaster Agree that Things Could Get Out Of “Control”.

highculyure,medsci,anirights,heavenmoments,highcult-2_webThe Artist Again Celebrates Animal Rights. The Webmaster Expects to Celebrate Many More, Especially on the Happy 4th of July!

humblug-animalbaseball-1The Artist and The Webmaster Hope that you have had as Many Ounces of Anything you Desired to Drink over the Weekend and are Ready to Face Monday Morning and the Week Ahead with All the Hydration One could Wish.

The Webmaster is amazed at the Unlimited Unfair Advantages The Artist digs up.

…and is it HOT! The Artist and Webmaster wish you a Safe and Sane 4th.

The Artist seems to be thinking of animal rights, but The Webmaster has spotted the LOOK in those fishes eyes. Hmmm.