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humblugs-DT-Rents-2nd-3-of-7-2As you know, The Webmaster has been presenting Vintage Downtown comic strips. The Artist hopes that you know who the heck Howard Cosell is and that you are not too Put Off by Nature’s Ways.

humblugs-DT-Rents-2nd-3-of-7-1As The Artist has Appropriately Celebrated the Opening of the Baseball Season, The Webmaster takes you back Downtown, and to the Hazards of Entertaining.

humblugs-DT-Rents-2nd-3-of-7The Artist and The Webmaster agree that Amateur Landlords can be a Problem.

humblugs-DT-Rents-3The Artist has Miraculously Scheduled this Vintage Comic to coincide with March Madness. The Webmaster is Shamelessly setting a Trap for Spiders.

humblugs-DT-Rents-2The Artist has Depicted just the Room Mrs. McBash probably would Prefer Not to Rent. The Webmaster Sympathizes.

humblugs-DT-Rents-1The Webmaster brings you three weeks of Downtown concerning the ever present Problems of Housing. The Artist Strives to show both Landlord and Tenant in the Best Possible Light.(Pet lovers please note Pooch.)

humblugs-DT-RentsNow that we have Accomplished The Election of the Pope, The Artist takes you down Memory Lane to Downtown, and the Eternal Questions of Taxes and Rent. The Webmaster Hopes for Forgiveness of the Former and Mercy Concerning the Latter.

The Webmaster presents the last of this run of Downtown. In an Uncanny Prophecy, The Artist has depicted Horse Sense as a Way to Untangle Current Uncertainty.

The Artist brings this Episode to a Sad Conclusion. The Webmaster Looks Forward to Happier Times.

The Webmaster presents Vintage Downtown while The Artist enjoys The Season.

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