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AnimalTartWinnerEnvironThe Artist Reminds You That If Wind Power Blows Your Solar Tiles Away, Climate Change Will Certainly Bring a Warm Day. Webmaster Buying Batteries.


BATMAN,FINGER,HARDING-2The Artist Takes a Walk Through History, Right After the Webmaster Looks Both Ways.


Xmas14_mannyThe Artist and Manny Appear to Have All Bases Covered. The Webmaster is Impressed.

ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SAND-3The Artist and The Webmaster Agree that “Current” Events Are Taking on a Timeless Quality.


noodleharvest_streetkidsequality-1As Election Day Approaches, The Artist Suggests We Count Our Blessings. The Webmaster Suggests We Check Our Pockets.

paleface_propromter-1The Webmaster Has Noted Many Misstatements in Recent Weeks from  NFL , White House and Kremlin.  The Artist Demonstrates the Need for a Prompter From Time to Time.


imageThis Time, The Webmaster Must Bow Down to the Obscure Historical Knowledge of The Artist. Edifying and Cooling at Once.



humblug_4.15-2Hot Summer Days Are Reveling Almost More Art than The Webmaster Can Process. The Artist, By Contrast, “Brings It On” With a New Manny Teckle.

humblug_4After the Solemnity of the Memorial Day Observance, The Artist Muses upon the Cherished Rights Preserved. The Webmaster Considers a Trigger Warning.


humblug_4.15-1The Artist Sends You on Your Way to a Festive Holiday Weekend. The Webmaster Sincerely Hopes you Encounter Some Slightly More Mature Beverages.