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Londonart-1The Artist Reminds Us That The Wheel of Fortune May Spin Your Way. The Webmaster Putting in Call to Broker.

manny,spider,inequal,anrights,vacThe Artist and The Webmaster Hail Love in All Its Guises.

AnimalTartWinnerEnvironThe Artist Reminds You That If Wind Power Blows Your Solar Tiles Away, Climate Change Will Certainly Bring a Warm Day. Webmaster Buying Batteries.


BATMAN,FINGER,HARDING-2The Artist Takes a Walk Through History, Right After the Webmaster Looks Both Ways.


Xmas14_mannyThe Artist and Manny Appear to Have All Bases Covered. The Webmaster is Impressed.

ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SAND-3The Artist and The Webmaster Agree that “Current” Events Are Taking on a Timeless Quality.


noodleharvest_streetkidsequality-1As Election Day Approaches, The Artist Suggests We Count Our Blessings. The Webmaster Suggests We Check Our Pockets.

paleface_propromter-1The Webmaster Has Noted Many Misstatements in Recent Weeks from  NFL , White House and Kremlin.  The Artist Demonstrates the Need for a Prompter From Time to Time.


imageThis Time, The Webmaster Must Bow Down to the Obscure Historical Knowledge of The Artist. Edifying and Cooling at Once.



humblug_4.15-2Hot Summer Days Are Reveling Almost More Art than The Webmaster Can Process. The Artist, By Contrast, “Brings It On” With a New Manny Teckle.

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