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imageThis Time, The Webmaster Must Bow Down to the Obscure Historical Knowledge of The Artist. Edifying and Cooling at Once.



humblug_4.15-2Hot Summer Days Are Reveling Almost More Art than The Webmaster Can Process. The Artist, By Contrast, “Brings It On” With a New Manny Teckle.

humblug_4After the Solemnity of the Memorial Day Observance, The Artist Muses upon the Cherished Rights Preserved. The Webmaster Considers a Trigger Warning.


humblug_4.15-1The Artist Sends You on Your Way to a Festive Holiday Weekend. The Webmaster Sincerely Hopes you Encounter Some Slightly More Mature Beverages.


medical_urbanityThe Artist is Hopeful that This Elderly Lady Will Indeed Find a Plan That Covers her Dear Pet and Future Generation Example. The Webmaster is Cyber Shopping in Panic Mode.


Artists_Manny_AnRights_Logarithms-2Doing More With Less…A Sign of the Times, Agree The Artist and Webmaster.

MannyDivMusic-1As Tattoo Culture Invades Regular Culture, The Artist Questions and The Webmaster Has No Answer.

On the Other Hand…

The Artist demonstrates to The Webmaster why they call it Heaven.


The Artist and the Webmaster agree that Art is where you find it. And finding some of it can be Fun!