Golf_BirdsGolf SPRINGS Eternal As The Artist and The Webmaster Enjoy This Delightfully Changeable April Weather.

Abby_Animal_EduTendency Among 1%ers to Overdo Ringing is Observed by The Artist. The Webmaster Indulges in Misguided Speculation Upon One’s “Place” in the Good Old Days.

Tax,Baseball,Tatoo,DebatesUnknown, But Not Unheard Of, According to The Artist. The Webmaster Repairs to The Kitchen With the COOK Books.

Tax,Baseball,Tatoo,Debates-2As the Artist Plumbs the Depths of Popular Culture, The Webmaster Seeks Uplift in the Primaries.

Tax,Baseball,Tatoo,Debates-1The Artist and The Webmaster Consider the Primitive Nature of Spring Training; Finding it Preferable to Primary Behavior.


Tax,Baseball,Tatoo,Debates-3The Artist Suggests a Remedy for Over-watching During Primary Season.  The Webmaster Buys More Olives.  Dog Ponders.

2.26.16The Artist and The Webmaster Agree That “Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make When There’s a Cellfie Left to Take”.

SafteyFirst_12-21-15Security Issues Dominate The Artist’s Thinking. The Webmaster Takes an Interest.

12.1The Eye of the Beholder Activates the Artist’s Interest. The Webmaster Ponders Art on The Refrigerator Door.

12The Artist Ponders the Competition Between New York State and City to Compensate Dads. The Webmaster is Buying a Ticket.

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