As The Temperature Rises, The Artist and The Webmaster Have Become Increasingly Aware of Vast Expanses of Flesh, Much of It Tattooed.  In Recognition of This We Offer a Vintage Selection of Manny Teckle’s  Virtuosity.


The Webmaster (Who Leans Heavily on Spellcheck) Identifies With Manny as The Artist Draws on (Pop) Cultural Experience.

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Trans_Tat_Link_AnimalRs-3The Artist and The Webmaster Leave it to The Reader to Impose A Political Interpretation on This Observation of Yet Another Animal Right.

Trans_Tat_Link_AnimalRs-2As Warm Weather Moves In, The Artist and The Webmaster Contemplate the Mysterious Links ‘Twixt Us and Others.

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Trans_Tat_Link_AnimalRsThe Artist Once Again Plumbs the Depths of Equality Issues. The Webmaster Self Identifies as Neutral.

Golf_Birds-1The Artist Observes With Wonder the Sudden Change From Heat to AC.  The Webmaster Salutes the Ever Resourceful Mom.

Abby_Animal_Edu-2The Artist and The Webmaster Drift Into Little Known Waters, So To Speak.

Abby_Animal_Edu-1The Artist and The Webmaster Observe The Necessity of Locally Grown Food as Bagging Rights Disappear.

Golf_BirdsGolf SPRINGS Eternal As The Artist and The Webmaster Enjoy This Delightfully Changeable April Weather.

Abby_Animal_EduTendency Among 1%ers to Overdo Ringing is Observed by The Artist. The Webmaster Indulges in Misguided Speculation Upon One’s “Place” in the Good Old Days.

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