spring3equil The Windows are Open, the Phillies Are winning and The Artist and The Webmaster Agree that Spring Seems to Be Here.

spring3equil-2The Artist Depicts an Event That is Only Amusing to Urban Dwellers. The Webmaster sends Apologies and Sympathy to the Suburbs.

spring3equil-1The Artist, As Usual, Has Said it All in the Drawing, Which Leaves The Webmaster Nothing to Add, but PLAY BALL!

prek,spring,higher,freetonsorial-1The Artist Takes Up the Cause of Excellence in Mathematics in Technical Fields. The Webmaster Laments the Lengthening of the Pants in the Basketball Uniform.

prek,spring,higher,freetonsorial-3The Artist and The Webmaster Find Themselves, For the First Time in Their Adult Lives, Ecstatic at the Sight of Water.

winteramimalarchiwantu-1With Talk of Lowering Defense Expenditures, The Artist and The Webmaster Take a Look Back.

winteramimalarchiwantu-3With the Olympics Over, The Artist Foresees Trouble in the Parlor. The Webmaster Wants More Ice Dancing.

winteramimalarchiwantuThe Artist Addresses Security Issues in Sochi. Animal Rightists Alarmed.

Eats_SushiThis Week The Artist Ventures Out Onto The Very Troubled Waters of Japan. The Webmaster Steeled for Amb. Kennedy Attack.

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sushi_cartoondrawingsRelax, All You Humor Fans. Low or High, All Will Be Tolerated. The Artist and The Webmaster Will Be Receiving Reports of Abuses.