AnimalTartWinnerEnviron-3The Artist Returns to His Longtime Observation that Animals Have the Best of Everything, As He and The Webmaster Pack up Once Again For Exciting Travel.

AnimalTartWinnerEnviron-2The Webmaster Observes the Weak Response to Boxing Humor, Therefor The WM and The Artist Plan a Visit to UK to Closley Observe Outbreak of Tartanism.

AnimalTartWinnerEnviron-1The Webmaster Observes That If This Were The World Of Baseball, The Artist’s Phillies Would  be  At the Top of Their Division, as Would be Everybody Else.

AnimalTartWinnerEnvironThe Artist Reminds You That If Wind Power Blows Your Solar Tiles Away, Climate Change Will Certainly Bring a Warm Day. Webmaster Buying Batteries.


BATMAN,FINGER,HARDING-1The Artist Entertains the Huddled Masses. The Webmaster Hopes That Things are Indeed Looking Up.

first LAP dance-1The Webmaster Admits That Progress Has Been Made, However Timorously Admiring of  The Genius of The Artist.

BATMAN,FINGER,HARDING-2The Artist Takes a Walk Through History, Right After the Webmaster Looks Both Ways.


BATMAN,FINGER,HARDINGThe WEBmaster Considers Accusing The Artist of Perpetrating a Cruel Joke.


hightimes_hownow-1The Artist Celebrates the Wonders of Modern Life. The Webmaster Sympathizes When School Holiday Coincide With 3 Hour SNL Reunion Show.

hightimes_hownowThe Artist Insists There is Always Something to Celebrate. The Webmaster Watches Step.

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