HUMBLUG-10-27-16-2All of the People, All of the Time Seem to be Showing Up, According to The Artist. The Webmaster Renews The Library Card.

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The Artist Searches for Equality in an Unequal World. The Webmaster Takes the Subway.


HUMBLUG-10-27-16-1The Artist and The Webmaster Ponder the Uneasy Heads of Yesteryear, and Hope for The Best.

HUMBLUG-10-27-16The Artist Reminds Us That Choice Is in The Air in So Many Ways. The Webmaster Concedes That Some Are Nasty.

Tor T,Trans,Gun,Olympic,Wave,space,Hope-5As We Earthlings Wonder Where Everything Either Comes From or Goes To; Emails, Tweets, Dyn Etc.,  The Artist Adds a Dollop of Reality.  The Webmaster Asks for Sprinkles.

Tor T,Trans,Gun,Olympic,Wave,space,Hope-6The Artist Digs Deep for Hope in These Troubled Times. The Webmaster is Passing it On.


Tor T,Trans,Gun,Olympic,Wave,space,Hope-1The Artist Suggests There Are Real Problems That Are Not being Addressed This weekend. The Webmaster Remains Conflicted.

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Tor T,Trans,Gun,Olympic,Wave,space,Hope-4The Webmaster Thinking Symbolically the Day After The Debate. Tiny Surfer/Selfer, Big Wave.  Has The Artist Metaphorically Depicted Each Participant in The Presidential Race?

Tor T,Trans,Gun,Olympic,Wave,space,Hope-3Just a Bit Late, But The Artist and The Webmaster Observe With Interest Recent Events on “Swimming” With the Stars.


Tor T,Trans,Gun,Olympic,Wave,space,HopeWith ACs Blasting in September, The Artist and The Webmaster Toast the New Season With Large Iced Teas.

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