first LAP dance-1The Webmaster Admits That Progress Has Been Made, However Timorously Admiring of  The Genius of The Artist.

BATMAN,FINGER,HARDING-2The Artist Takes a Walk Through History, Right After the Webmaster Looks Both Ways.


BATMAN,FINGER,HARDINGThe WEBmaster Considers Accusing The Artist of Perpetrating a Cruel Joke.


hightimes_hownow-1The Artist Celebrates the Wonders of Modern Life. The Webmaster Sympathizes When School Holiday Coincide With 3 Hour SNL Reunion Show.

hightimes_hownowThe Artist Insists There is Always Something to Celebrate. The Webmaster Watches Step.

ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SAND-1The Artist Urges 100% Attendance on This Back to School Day. The Webmaster Admits Dependance on Spellcheck.

newyears'15The Webmaster is Considering Overdoing It a Bit. The Artist Plans To Join In, at a Safe Distance

Xmas14_manny-1The Artist Encourages Fiddling Around as The Webmaster Listens for Dancing and Prancing.

Xmas14_mannyThe Artist and Manny Appear to Have All Bases Covered. The Webmaster is Impressed.

ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SANDAt the Risk of Seeming Old on Cyber Monday, The Artist Celebrates Mid Holiday Activities. The Webmaster Tries to Remember the Password.