Xmas14_manny-1The Artist Encourages Fiddling Around as The Webmaster Listens for Dancing and Prancing.

Xmas14_mannyThe Artist and Manny Appear to Have All Bases Covered. The Webmaster is Impressed.

ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SANDAt the Risk of Seeming Old on Cyber Monday, The Artist Celebrates Mid Holiday Activities. The Webmaster Tries to Remember the Password.

ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SAND-2The Artist and The Webmaster Wish to Express Their Thanks for All Things Great and Small, Even Those that are Mostly Full of Hot Air.


ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SAND-3The Artist and The Webmaster Agree that “Current” Events Are Taking on a Timeless Quality.


noodleharvest_streetkidsequality-1As Election Day Approaches, The Artist Suggests We Count Our Blessings. The Webmaster Suggests We Check Our Pockets.

HaloweenThe Artist and The Webmaster Offer Up a Bit of Holiday Cheer in a Scary World.

noodleharvest_streetkidsequalityThe Artist Offers an Observation of the Ever Inventive Chinese. The Webmaster Boils Water and Plenty of It.

darwinThe Webmaster Delivers a Beautiful Example of The Artist’s Work To Remind The World of The Days Before Science Became So Grim.

paleface_propromter-1The Webmaster Has Noted Many Misstatements in Recent Weeks from  NFL , White House and Kremlin.  The Artist Demonstrates the Need for a Prompter From Time to Time.