bigfoot_cruiseship_Xchanges_remain silentThe Webmaster is Truly Amazed By the Way The Artist Has Recognized The Folly of Preconceived Quests.

youngShep-10-21-15As We Celebrate Sinatra’s 100th, The Artist Ponders Other Musical Eras, While the Webmaster Writes a Check to Humane Society, or Not.

Nost,Olddays,sitwait,penitense-1The Artist Takes Trick or Treat To a New Level. More Treats Or Tricks in Heaven or Earth Than Dreamt of in The Webmaster’s Philosophy.

bigfoot_cruiseship_Xchanges_remain silent-1The Artist and The Webmaster Applaud The Forward Thinking of the 70%. The 30% Hear One Hand Clapping.

bigfoot_cruiseship_Xchanges_remain silent-2The Artist Notices the Transition From Summer to Fall, Among Others. The Webmaster Contemplates Saks.

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bigfoot_cruiseship_Xchanges_remain silent-3The Artist Takes Animal Rights Into the Political Sphere as “Tax Plans” Emerge. The Webmaster Counts the Silver.

humblug race against timeThe Artist Turns His Attention to The Problem of Global Aging. The Webmaster Tries to Go Along Gracefully.

Londonart-4The Webmaster Takes Note of The Artist’s Luddite Tendencies. Apple and Facebook Do Not.  The Cat is On Its Own.

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Londonart-2Tennis Returns to NYC and The Artist Welcomes the Endless Inspiration for Humorous Shots. The Webmaster Lobbies for More Hilfiger Ads.

Londonart-1The Artist Reminds Us That The Wheel of Fortune May Spin Your Way. The Webmaster Putting in Call to Broker.

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