endmarketanimalritesbicycling-1The Webmaster Ponders the Relevancy of This On a Clear Cool Monday. The Artist Has Depicted a Dismal Scene that Only the Sons of the Pioneers Could Appreciate. Those who Do Not Know Who the Sons of the Pioneers are Should Call Their Grandpa/Ma, Which They Should Do Anyhow.


paleface_propromterAs Football Looms, The Artist Addresses Current Events While The Webmaster Clings to Baseball.

Franklin_subcanoes_rembrandt_baseball-2To Celebrate the End of Selfie Summer, The Artist and The Webmaster Present THE MASTER.


imageThis Time, The Webmaster Must Bow Down to the Obscure Historical Knowledge of The Artist. Edifying and Cooling at Once.


endmarketanimalritesbicycling-2The Artist Obscures the Object of the Stare. The Webmaster Warily Suspects That Dog is Looking at His Days. Both are Cheered by the Presence of Print on Paper.


Franklin_subcanoes_rembrandt_baseballThe Artist, a Great Admirer of Ben Franklin, Submits This in the Interest of Accurate Information in the Age of Extreme Weather. The Webmaster Advises Storing Some Candles.

Franklin_subcanoes_rembrandt_baseball-3The All Star Game Reminds The Artist That Baseball Is Eclipsing Soccer in the Public Mind. As You May Observe, The Pitcher is Delirious at the Turn of Events on the Field. The Webmaster Shares the Joy Re the End of Soccer.


humblug_4.15-2Hot Summer Days Are Reveling Almost More Art than The Webmaster Can Process. The Artist, By Contrast, “Brings It On” With a New Manny Teckle.

endmarketanimalritesbicyclingZilch It May Be, However As We Celebrate The 4th of July, The Artist and The Webmaster Observe That We Have All Hit The Lotto.


endmarketanimalritesbicycling-4On the Bicycle Journey of Life, The Artist and The Webmaster Observe That Both the Ups and the Downs Require Careful Management.