ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SAND-2The Artist and The Webmaster Wish to Express Their Thanks for All Things Great and Small, Even Those that are Mostly Full of Hot Air.


ARGUS,SKOOL,DADMAN,SAND-3The Artist and The Webmaster Agree that “Current” Events Are Taking on a Timeless Quality.


noodleharvest_streetkidsequality-1As Election Day Approaches, The Artist Suggests We Count Our Blessings. The Webmaster Suggests We Check Our Pockets.

HaloweenThe Artist and The Webmaster Offer Up a Bit of Holiday Cheer in a Scary World.

noodleharvest_streetkidsequalityThe Artist Offers an Observation of the Ever Inventive Chinese. The Webmaster Boils Water and Plenty of It.

darwinThe Webmaster Delivers a Beautiful Example of The Artist’s Work To Remind The World of The Days Before Science Became So Grim.

paleface_propromter-1The Webmaster Has Noted Many Misstatements in Recent Weeks from  NFL , White House and Kremlin.  The Artist Demonstrates the Need for a Prompter From Time to Time.


endmarketanimalritesbicycling-1The Webmaster Ponders the Relevancy of This On a Clear Cool Monday. The Artist Has Depicted a Dismal Scene that Only the Sons of the Pioneers Could Appreciate. Those who Do Not Know Who the Sons of the Pioneers are Should Call Their Grandpa/Ma, Which They Should Do Anyhow.


paleface_propromterAs Football Looms, The Artist Addresses Current Events While The Webmaster Clings to Baseball.

Franklin_subcanoes_rembrandt_baseball-2To Celebrate the End of Selfie Summer, The Artist and The Webmaster Present THE MASTER.